About Me

SEO GEEK was founded in an effort to provide local small to medium businesses and enterprises the affordable and rewarding digital marketing services they sought and rightly deserved. With 15 years’ experience as an SEO marketing specialist and published author based in Melbourne, I have been interviewed by many industry experts, interested in the uniqueness of my approach and the secrets to a successful optimization and online marketing campaign.

For the SME, contending with large companies and corporations in the same industry places the smaller businesses at a serious disadvantage. The general costs for digital marketing make it impossible to hire an internal team or compete on the same level as the larger organization. This makes the need for a comprehensive and fully customized SEO campaign pertinent for medium to large businesses.

Having understood many of my clients’ pain points, I made it my mission to create a dedicated service that focused on a personalized, collaborative, and affordable approach to high-quality and competitive online advertising. Years of experience and a hands-on approach to business have supported the foundation of SEO Geek. From SEO to PPC, my expertise and initiative provide the SME with the support needed to compete with major businesses in the relevant sectors.

My knowledge in optimization and online marketing spans across several industries, including insurance, automotive, real estate, jewellery, legal and educational, among others. I have worked with many clients with unique requirements and have helped them improve their online ranking, drive traffic to their website, increase their conversions and ultimately their bottom line.

Consult with me for Superior SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing Campaigns

I have worked with small to medium businesses and have identified where they lack in their respective online approach. From websites that are poorly executed to campaigns that fail to integrate precision SEO or PPC advertising, it simply leaves businesses unable to create a compelling digital presence.
No matter the size of your business or the industry, investing in a comprehensive optimization campaign will provide the results you need and deserve. SEO Geek was created to ensure transparency and the quality service required. I have witnessed many large and seemingly impressive SEO companies cut corners and fail to deliver on promises or fail to provide clients with honest breakdowns on SEO processes and practices. This has led to high costs in digital marketing with little to no return on a potential investment.
SEO Geek aims to become a dependable partner in which all aspects of a digital marketing campaign are customized in support of your business and strategic goals.